Possessed Warphead

Continuing on with the relationship between orks and chaos, we get to Possessed Warpheadz.

When a regular weirdboy just isn’t weird enough, chuck a daemon in the mix and have at it!

Here’s an extract from the old Games Workshop Freebooters book.

The parts that I like most about this fluff are:

  1. The daemon is trapped and wants to get the hell out of dodge! He can’t exercise any control over the weirdboy and is just riding shotgun.
  2. Madboyz know that he’s a proper bent unit and want to keep the hell away!
  3. Only snots and grots are foolish enough to follow him around.

I don’t know about you, but I’m mighty inspired to do a small retinue now.

So, until I can find the time to do it, a picture shall have to suffice.



5 thoughts on “Possessed Warphead

  1. Cheers Sean 🙂
    This was all done with a regular marker pen and a fine liner.

    I adjusted it a little on the complete, but didn’t use a stylus or any colour.

    I reckon a retinue could be quite fun to draw. Watch this space!


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