Murderous follower of the city-scum.

I’m not a big fan of the current iteration of space marines.

The models themselves are great, but the idea of space knights and their unwavering devotion to the emperor flying around space, cleansing, burning, purging and such doesn’t sit well with how I’ve always imagined them.

The above is from page 153 of the Rogue Trader rule book. It describes the Legiones Astartes.

Look at the word they use.

True aggression


Psychotic killer-instinct

Extremes of insanity

I’ve always seen the space marines as vicious psychopaths that are doped up to the gills on all sorts of combat drugs and PEDs, with parts of their brains removed to allow for more extremes of violence, fed a constant stream of Imperial propaganda, and kept on a tight leash until needed.

I was chatting with some fellow old farts about this, and the idea of AWOL space marines cropped up. Not full on renegades or chaos marines, just guys who have thought “sod this for a game of soldiers!”, and decided to strike out alone.

We called them STAR BASTARDS!

So, being true to form, I did some pics of the aforementioned miscreants. Two of these are based on existing minis ( and are in fact commissions), but I thought they fit the idea well enough.

Enjoy 🙂


10 thoughts on “Murderous follower of the city-scum.

  1. The modern take on the Imperium is that it’s a well oiled machine. Everyone has a job, all the armour is shiny and in perfect working order and the vehicles look like they just rolled off the production line……it’s all a bit too slick for me. I much prefer the RT version where it’s all a bit of a fucked up dystopian future.

    Cool illo’s mate 🙂

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  2. Very cool illustrations. I’ve never been a fan of the “super soldier” thing in general. I feel like marines should be more of a precious resource. I always envisioned Imperial Guard and PDF doing most of the fighting and dying.

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  3. Yes!!! A thousand times yes!!
    1 squad of space marines per 5-10 squads of humans.
    Grey Knights should be even rarer. Unless you are fighting demons, why would there be a whole army of them?


  4. I’ve long thought that space marines are terror troops, otherwise why would you dress with such brightly painted livery. You WANT the enemy to know exactly who is coming for their throat…..and they should be pooping themselves. Even looking at the more recent canon, there are many chapters that have a pretty low estimation of human value……important as a species, not so much as individuals. Spend/sacrifice them as necessary…

    The well regarded chapters are well regarded because they retain more ‘humanity’ than the rest. The world eaters, night lords, and alpha legions approaches were accepted for their results. It was their ‘religious’ orientation that was a problem. Marines in general are scary monsters.

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  5. I love this so much. That art is fantastic btw.

    I really enjoy the old renegade and merc style Space Marines. I still like the current version too but the old ones really hold a place in my heart

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  6. That’s a good point. If the World Eaters were slaughtering whole populations in the Emperor’s name instead of Khorne’s, they may well have just got some kind of sanction instead.


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