Got a spare couple of hours? Why not roll up a chaos champ?

The Realm of Chaos books are amazing sources of fluff and inspiration. They are full to the brim with great artwork, evocative stories, and truly characterful miniatures. They are also a bit tough to navigate, and can be a touch daunting.

With this in mind, I set aside 4 hours to roll up and draw a champion of chaos! I used the simpler system on page 196 and went for 6 rewards for a total of 180 points.

I decided to go with good old bloodthirsty Khorne. A bit simplistic compared to the other gods, but I like that about him. What you see is what you get. Blood, skulls, killing.

I rolled on the first chart and ended up with a lv10 human wizard. Not the best of starts knowing the big red guy’s hatred of magic, but the dice gods have spoken!

Chaos armour is the first gift that all champions of Khorne get, so no need to roll.

Roll for his second gift and he gets a daemonic name! The gods are smiling! Grab the d10 and d6, roll 8 times and we get……..Ollulir Fulleoa.

Not as awe inspiring as one might hope for.


Next roll gets him a strength increase. Always helpful.


The next roll gets him his own personal chaos spawn. If I were using him for a game that’d be grand, but I want a solo champ so I bravely refuse. Instead I roll on the gifts of Khorne and get a bolt pistol! They’ll be running scared in the chaos wastes when they see him coming šŸ™‚


Next roll is chaos armour. Already got that šŸ˜¦ I roll on the Khorne gifts and he gets the face of a Fleshhound. His magical past as been forgiven it seems.


The sixth and final roll gets him a chaos hound which I refuse for the same reason as the chaos spawn. Rolling on the gifts of Khorne gets him a weapons hand.Allow me to present to you, Ollulir Fulleoa, loyal servant to the lord of skulls!




8 thoughts on “Got a spare couple of hours? Why not roll up a chaos champ?

  1. Oooh, that’s a great idea Mus! Are you going to make him as a mini as well?

    As you well know, the possibilities of character creation in ROC are endless. You’ve got the talent to turn those creations into artwork. Great stuff mate šŸ™‚

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  2. Nice chaos champ. Reminds me I rolled up Tzeentch Demon name from there. It also reminds me that I have yet to paly in a Chaos War Band campaign.

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