Old World Jack, icon of an era.

The mercenaries from the Rogue Trader days are some of my favourite minis. For me, they capture the look and feel of the 40K universe more than any other miniatures.


Among this all star cast though, there is one star that shines more brightly than all the others. Old World Jack.

He looks like the kind of bloke that’d rip off an ork’s head and shit down his neck.

The gear that he carries give him that imperial-gone bad look.

So, a while ago I did a picture of my favourite mini, and here he is.

This was just the initial pic. Someone of Jack’s stature needs, nay demands, colour!

So, I’d decided to do two 🙂

The first is colour pencils. I wanted to get a similar look to the colour pics from the Book of the Astronomican.

The second is how he might look in a Saturday morning cartoon.

I hope you all enjoy my humble tribute to a classic 🙂


11 thoughts on “Old World Jack, icon of an era.

  1. Good stuff Mus. I haven’t looked at the old catalog pictures sufficiently, a lot of gems in there.


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