What I did in 2021

This is the second attempt at doing this. WordPress on an iPad is shit! Anyway, let’s kick things off with some naked hairy blokes! Here are two units of naked Celts from Warlord that will be used in my One Page Rules Chaos army as marauders, or as barbarians in my Dragon Rampant army. Figured […]

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All the bits I did in 2020

Well 2020 didn’t quite go how any of us expected, did it? I spent two weeks in hospital at the start of the year with ulcerative colitis (don’t recommend it), and had to temporarily close my business because of the corona virus. Still, there are lots of people who are far worse off than me […]

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All the bits I did in 2019

I didn’t get as much painting done this year as last year due to work (both teaching and illustration) but I did manage a bit. I converted up two cars for Gaslands using bits from Ramshackle Games. No idea when I’ll get to play, but they were fun to convert and weather. Hopefully they’ll get […]

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Possessed Warphead

Continuing on with the relationship between orks and chaos, we get to Possessed Warpheadz. When a regular weirdboy just isn’t weird enough, chuck a daemon in the mix and have at it! Here’s an extract from the old Games Workshop Freebooters book. The parts that I like most about this fluff are: The daemon is […]

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Chaos Orks

Over the last couple of days there’s been a chat on one of the Facebook groups about people’s views on the relationship between orks and chaos. Some took the view that orks don’t worship/follow/get influenced by chaos at all. Others were more in the Rogue Trader camp. I’m quite firmly in the Rogue Trader camp […]

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