All the bits I did in 2019

I didn’t get as much painting done this year as last year due to work (both teaching and illustration) but I did manage a bit. I converted up two cars for Gaslands using bits from Ramshackle Games. No idea when I’ll get to play, but they were fun to convert and weather. Hopefully they’ll get […]

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Possessed Warphead

Continuing on with the relationship between orks and chaos, we get to Possessed Warpheadz. When a regular weirdboy just isn’t weird enough, chuck a daemon in the mix and have at it! Here’s an extract from the old Games Workshop Freebooters book. The parts that I like most about this fluff are: The daemon is […]

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Chaos Orks

Over the last couple of days there’s been a chat on one of the Facebook groups about people’s views on the relationship between orks and chaos. Some took the view that orks don’t worship/follow/get influenced by chaos at all. Others were more in the Rogue Trader camp. I’m quite firmly in the Rogue Trader camp […]

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